On capacity strengthening

On capacity strengthening

According to the projects’ Terms of reference the Contractor should, based on the needs of the project beneficiaries, prepare a Capacity Building Program with the aim of strengthening the capacities responsible for the future implementation of the EU  Directive on urban wastewater and its treatment (EU UWWTD).

In the frame of Inception and implementation phases of the project, an analysis of the training needs of direct and indirect beneficiaries was carried out based on: 

  • research on the results of previous projects that implemented capacity building programs (MEG I (2016-2021); MEG II project (2021-2025); WATSAN (phase I) in FBiH and RS (2008-2022); Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN). A significant contribution to the organization of training programs was made by the Association of Municipalities and Cities in FBiH and RS, the Association of Utility Companies in FBiH, and the Association “Waterworks RS”.
  • through interviews of direct and indirect project beneficiaries ;
  • through created questionnaires that contained potential topics for training in different aspects (Institutional; Technical; ISV, GIS tools and databases; Economic and financial; Informing the public, monitoring and reporting; and Other aspects related to UWWTD),

The need to develop a project network communication platform for questions and answers between consultants and experts - beneficiaries, which can serve as a type of continuous online training for all project beneficiaries and stakeholders.